The Amazing Race | Branding Package

Original Logo from the show. 
Logo redesign for The Amazing Race
Logo Alternative 1: gradient background
Branding Package: The Amazing Race - Bumper

Branding Pakage: The Amazing Race - Mortise
Branding package: The Amazing Race - Transition
Branding Package: The Amazing Race - Transition 2
Branding Package- Up Next

T-Heart LTD. | Re-Brand 

photo: Mock up idea of making a promotional/ informational magazine for the product “HEXBIO” probiotic. 
Re-Branding : Logo

T-Heart LTD. is a company based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  T-Heart is currently focusing on health products and Medical mask for assisting people a healthier life. This project focus on promoting the brand on utilizing lights as a metaphor to illustrate the brand’s core value.

3 Photos: Early exploration - papercut study for lights and shadows, object relationship, and logo development.

Logo, color, and Type Studies for the brand.
Mock up no.1 - A series of product that cooperate the logo with different logo variations.
Mock up no.2 - Product package design for medical masks in two different sizes.

Hydro Flask x Peter Wang | Promotional Video

Hydro Flask Series: Mountain - promotional video mock up 

Promotional Work

Hydro Flask's partnership with Peter Wang is a collaborative effort aimed at expanding product sales overseas, particularly targeting the market in Taiwan.

The concept is to incorporate Taiwan's mountains and seas. Through targeted promotion, the objective is to craft a promotional package that propels the product further.

Product mock up for the bottle design: Sea
Product mock up for the bottle Design: Mountain

Series: Sea promotional video mock up 

Bus stop mock up for Hydro Flask x Peter Wang - Mountain collection

Bus stop mock up for Hydro Flask x Peter Wang - Sea collection
Hydro Flask x Peter Wang - poster Design

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