Client: Syphon Tripper
Production Duration: 2 weeks
(Concept / designing / animating/ event organizing)
Medium: Adobe After Effects/ Madmapper/ Notion

Fall 2023
Project ST

Syphon Tripper
Projection Event

"Syphon Tipper is a projection event founded by Gabriel Medina and Peter Wang. This is a student-run initiative showcasing installations and exhibitions to stimulate audience mind's eye.


The projection: MOMELove, SelfLove by Peter Wang


Syphon Tripper, born from a conversation between Gabriel Medina and Peter Wang during a projection mapping class , quickly evolved into a collaborative projection event. Within just two weeks, we brought together 20 artists from various disciplines, showcasing their talents in motion media, sound design, and painting through intricate projection mappings. The event was a dynamic fusion of visual artistry, live band performances, and DJ sets, embodying our shared passion for creativity and collaboration.

As of right now, we already have two established events and one collaborative event with local artist group. The event has been continuing growing, and we are thrilled to share this exciting event to the rest of the world.


Projection Artist : Caitlin Crooker, Colin Horvath, Danna Macias, Tucker Ziegler, Gabriel    
Medina, Ellie Matthews, Fatima Sultan, Himani Todi, Peter Wang, and Aarya Nagre.
Painting Artist: Meagan Watson, Skylar Anderson
Sound Art/ TV Installations by: Corrupted Thinking
Music Performances: Rayne, Pix3l Fairy, Pithy Doco

Photos/ Videos from the event

A loop animation created by Gabriel Medina using touch designer
A TV set up by Currupted Thinking
Audiences in the exhibition
Piece created by Caitlin Crooker
Live music played by Pithy Doco (Evelyn Skirm)
DJ Rayne at left, Corrupted Thinking members on the right (3 persons) 
TV setup/ visuals by Corrupted Thinking
Livepainting done by Aarya Nagre
Collaboration piece done by Fatima Sultan and Himani Todi
Visual creation by Parker (Corrupted Thinking)

Process for making the piece: MOMELove, SelfLove

The process of creating MOMELove, SelfLove came out as a self reminding piece that while I was really into planning and organizing the student club MOMELove, I also need to take care of myself after a long preparation for CoMotion 2024. It was a no brainer when I started design the piece, and I ended up going with this concept of projecting my own portrait to lead the whole story.  

The process for creating MOMELove, SelfLove

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