Title sequence of the CoMotion 2024

Client: SCAD MOMELove
Production Duration: 1 year
(Event planning/ organizing)
Medium: Notion/ Google Suite/ Outlook

Fall 2023- Spring 2024
Project CoMo24

CoMotion 2024
Event Planning

CoMotion is the world’s largest student-led motion design conference. As the co-president of the MOMELove club this year, I am in charge of communicating, organizing, and running the whole event.



Co-president speech at the open ceremony for CoMotion 2024. Left: Tucker Ziegler. Right: Peter Wang. 


CoMotion pushes the boundaries of an ever-evolving industry with human-centered designs and memorable experiences. The event includes the annual line up of keynote speeches, panel discussions, a Student Showcase, portfolio reviews, and an award ceremony.

CoMotion is led by a diverse student body, the event fosters an environment for creativity and collaboration.


Creative Directors: Kyle Switzer, Muskaan Sethi
Lead Animator: Isabelle K Winarto
Animators: Jiaru Yang, Lauren Neu, Linxuan Wang, Sean Shelton, Tzu Kai Lin, Valentina Gil Duque, Xinyue Gu, Davis Hardy, J.C. Petrofsky, Phirada Kanjanangkulpunt, Qi Qi
Lead Designer: Tiffany Tedy
Designers: Xinxun Liao, Phyllis Zhao, Haze Nguyen, Danna Macias, Cynthia Soe, Chaoran Xu, Sarah Wellman
Lead Graphic Designer: Reem Hinedi
Graphic Designers: Aatreyi Singh, Alessia Piccoliori, Charlotte Beck, Claire Lin, Emily Strycharz, Gauthier Bossuyt
Producers: Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon, Sophia D’Alleva
Experiential: Eliezer Garcia Gazaui, Jinkyu Kang, Gabriel Medina, Hannah Ford
Web Developers: Amadeus Cameron, Chi Quach
Composer: Seth Marques

MOMELove: Tucker Ziegler, Peter Wang, Nolan Acosta, Fatema Sultan, Joy Loi, Hannah Ford, Fia Rose, Caitlin Crooker, Sarah Wellman, Juan Pablo Silhy, Himani Todi
Special Thanks - SCAD Motion Media: Kelly Carlton, Duff Yong, Dominique Elliot, John Colette, Michael Betancourt, Minho Shin, James Gladman, Brandon Sugiyama, Walter Woods, Christina Maloney, Matt Van Rys, Alessandro Imperato

Event Highlights

Top row : (photo left) Panel Motion for a Cause attendees. (photo right) Keynote Speaker: OK motion Club. 
Middle Row: Guest speaker (left), Panel moderator (right). Photo on the right: Professors at the opening ceremony.
Bottom row: Guests for the showcase and panels. 

Behind the Scenes - Planning

CoMotion is a huge production workflow for the MOMELove team - a student club which runs by 12 people.  As one of the co-president, here’s the BTS for planning the event.

Here’s our meeting weekly schedule for the planning and the club meetings:

Presidential Team
  • Sunday Evening (President Meeting): 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday (Officer/Club Meeting): 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday (Comotion Meeting with Faculty): 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We always starting the week with the President Meeting. It sets the tone and ensures everyone's on the same page regarding upcoming tasks and assignments. Plus, keeping everything organized with Google Suites makes it easy for everyone to stay on top of their work throughout the week.

The very first summer meeting in 2023
Meetings during Fall 2023
Winter quarter meeting with the team - 2 weeks before CoMotion 
Department meeting - 3 days before CoMotion

Tools/ Communication

Having our structure set up in Google Drive makes accessing files and folders a breeze. MOMELove has fantastic leaders prior to our year, and with this setup, we can follow the formula and continually enhance the structure year after year.

Tools that involve in planning the event:

Google drive
Google Doc
Google Sheet
(This is not an ad for Google suite, but they did make our lives easier :] )

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