Role: Designer, design team
Client: MOMELove/ SCAD CoMotion 2023 Branding Team
Production Duration: 13 weeks
(Concept / designing / animating/ branding package)
Medium: Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe After Effects/ Miro

Fall 2022 - Winter 2023
Project CM23

CoMotion 2023
Branding Team

CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media students at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
My role as a deisgner in design team was to visualize the vision from our creative director and art director and push the design forward. I was in charge of designing several styleframes, animating instagram two posts, and creating instagram story template.

Style frame - gradient

Style frame - illuminated boxes 


CoMotion is an annual event held at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). It is the world's largest student-run motion design conference, attracting top industry professionals to engage with Motion Media students at SCAD.

The main goal of this project is to develop the overall visual identity for the event. As a designer on the design team, my responsibility was to create styleframes for the title sequence. At the end of the production, I was fortunate enough to be selected as the Instagram story template designer/animator.

“The 14th annual event celebrates the diversity of motion design, its storytellers, and its relationship with light.” Aanvik Singh, creative director.

This has been an incredible experience for me because, unlike anything I've done before, working in a team with 43 people was difficult to imagine. I truly enjoyed collaborating with the team, and I want to thank everyone for giving me this amazing opportunity and experience!

Instagram Grid animation

As part of this project, our team also crafted the Instagram grid animation, led by our team lead, Tiffany Lo, whose design appears on the right. This animation highlighted key events, including the announcement of the keynote speaker and the countdown to the upcoming "CoMotion" event, spanning over the course of 15 days.

The task at hand was to develop an animation that not only remained consistent but also effectively linked all elements together, culminating in a unified whole. Central to this animation was the concept of a guiding star, symbolizing direction and cohesion as it intricately connected each component.
Grid design by Design team lead Tiffany Lo

Here’s the two grid animations that I have animated:

Animated Grid - 15 days untils the event post
Animated keynote speaker grid - Keynote Speaker: Kirsten Noll

Different versions of the story template that I have created

Instagram story Template

I've been focused on developing a story template for our Instagram posts, collaborating with our creative director, Aanvik Singh. Together, we've automated the process by establishing replacement guidelines, making it easier for the graphic design team to access and utilize the template efficiently.

Final design for the story template
Text/visual relationship research
Color variations/ text relationship study


Creative Director:  Aanvik Singh
Art Director:  Marly Koven

Producers:  Rachel Golla, Alexis Dow
Lead Animator: Desmond Du
Lead 3D Animator: Stephen Mok
Animators: Harshitha Suresh, Kyle Switzer, Isabelle K Winarto, Kaleb Sweeney, Cathy Lin, Meg Aki, Erica Kim, J.C. Petrofsky

Lead Designer: Tiffany LoDesigners: Antara Ghosh, Jessica Liou, Alexis Wang, Tiffany Tedy, Peter Wang, Xinxun Liao, Yining Li
Lead Graphic Designer: Josie GlassmanGraphic Designers: Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon, Meghna Shourie, Nicole Lin, Claire Lin, Sophia D’Alleva, Stephanie SandovalLead Experiential: Samantha Woods
Experiential: Juan Pablo Silhy, Alyssa Mackersie, Meghan Romance
Web Developer: Amadeus Cameron, Isabelle Duffner
Composer: Miguel Concha
Lead Documentation: Libby Nett
Documentation: Caitlin Crooker, Savitri Trivedi


Red Dot: Brands and Communication Award '23
Applied Arts 2023: Motion
Communication Arts 2023
Good Moves | March 2023

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